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Spyware - Customer Protection Toolkit
Castellan has many customers who are looking for no-cost protection for their Windows computers. If you use these free programs, you need to remember to run regular updates and regular scans.

Your first and best protection is still Service Pack 2 for Windows, and then layer on the following products to provide a reasonable level of protection at no cost to individuals:

Anti-Trojan Software - Ewido is the best of the free products, and increased protection can be purchased for a small fee. If you only use the free version, make sure to manually update the program & run manual scans frequently.

Antivirus - Antivir requires manual updates, but does provide good protection against most current viruses. It works much better on machines with XP SP2 installed.

AntiSpyware - there are several excellent programs. The 2 best manual scanners (you open & tell them to run regularly) are AdAwareSE and SpyBot. The Microsoft AntiSpyware program is VERY GOOD, and the Yahoo Toolbar is a quality popup blocker AND has a great spyware scanner (you gotta run it manually). Remember: no program currently can clean up ALL spyware, so Castellan may have to manually clean your machine for you.

Tip - hit F8 as your computer is starting to boot, and choose SAFE MODE from the menu. Antispyware scans run much better in safe mode.

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